Consequences of lower speed limits

I follow the current arguments on 20mph speed limits with interest as one who would like to see some commonsense on the roads.

I have experience of the 20mph farce in Brighton, working near the city centre, and it cannot possibly work unless there is a permanent, recognised official at every road enforcing the penalties for speeding.

Most of the time, it is impossible to drive over 15mph, anyway, around the streets rather than the major routes, although they can be clogged up by other factors.

It doesn’t do the car much good, as most have to drive in second or third gear through these zones to slow their cars down.

Especially in Brighton, where they have also congested all routes with too many bus and cycle lanes, as well as unnecessary islands.

While the idea of promoting safety is to be congratulated, it doesn’t help the environment if traffic slows and produces more exhaust to pollute the atmosphere.

Let us be sensible and encourage commonsense and safe driving, maybe introducing more lollipop staff and educating children to use crossings and have road sense.

I encourage people to take another look at the town and think about the consequences of slowing up everything.

Keep an eye on school roads, however, as it would be sensible to have warnings enhanced around them.

David Shelton

Castle Road