Just over a week ago, my wife and I attended a dinner at The Ardington Hotel, Worthing, and were due at 7pm for 7.30pm.

As I am a slow and unsteady walker, and needed convenient parking, we arrived in our car at 6.50pm, to get a suitable parking space.

The Steyne was full up and the only close space was in a loading bay about 40 feet from the hotel’s entrance.

As it was a dark and stormy night, we parked there, as we considered it unlikely we hinder any commercial vehicles at that hour.

So, we parked at 6.53pm, showing my disabled badge, as I am in my 90s. Imagine our horror when we returned at 9.45pm to find a parking ticket. There was also one on another car, whose occupant turned out to be older than me.

I wrote to the council asking for leniency, but was refused – although the restriction ended at 7pm, seven minutes later. The other car was also refused.

This is another example of a lack of consideration for the elderly. I was informed a similar offence was excused last year.

Mr J.E.J. Townsend-Green

West Parade