Conspiracy theory

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IN response to the news of another Tesco store opening in Worthing, I noticed that the name of the applicant had been omitted on the planning application posted outside this proposed Tesco site – I have a photo of this application on my telephone.

I contacted Worthing planning department and was told that it was an error.

I asked how we could oppose an application if the applicant was not named.

The closing date was January 5 and I suggested that, due to this error, the closing date should be extended and, indeed, asked if the application was valid due to this omission.

What a surprise then, that about four hours later, I saw a new sign had replaced the original one with the applicant’s name – Tesco – on the planning application.

However, the closing date had not been extended.

We talk about conspiracy theories, but how about devious as well.

The photograph remains on my phone and I am happy to show it to anyone who might be interested. Comments from Worthing planning department or any interested lawyers would be welcome.

Shan Orr-Ewing

Eton Road