Constituents are being ‘terrorised’

I AM sure that Brian Spencer had good reason to write to the Herald (letters July 21) to provide the link to the Parliament channel coverage of Prime Minister’s Question Time where I am “chided” by Speaker Bercow.

I am not sure if he has ever taken the trouble to contact me directly before, but if he had I could have saved him the trouble by pointing out that I had already added the “offending coverage” to my own website and in my e-newsletter to constituents.

As he is so quick to swallow the phrases used by Speaker Bercow, perhaps he can tell me of what I am actually accused because nobody in the House at the time seemed to know, least of all me.

The footage shows only Speaker Bercow losing control of the Chamber again, then of his own temper and then picking on me when in fact all I was doing was cheering the Prime Minister for his robust answers over the Murdoch affair.

Mr Spencer also fails to mention the subsequent survey in the Sunday Times which showed that Speaker Bercow had picked on Conservative MPs more than twice as often as Labour MPs in the Chamber in his term of office, including the Prime Minister on a number of occasions.

That speaks volumes if Mr Spencer cares to listen.

On a more serious matter, I have received a number of rightly irate letters and emails about the huge upheaval, damage and intimidation being inflicted by the group of travellers who have now moved on four times within my constituency and have now invaded the playground area at Lancing Manor.

They have terrorised residents in Lancing and Worthing, vandalised cricket pavilions and abused anyone who gets in their way.

When I ventured up to their encampment on the Manor last week, I was greeted by a torrent of abuse and told by a group of young thugs that “we can do what we like because we are travellers” who then proceeded to attack me.

Anyone else guilty of trespass, abuse and criminal damage would be rightly prosecuted. Because this lot plead they are travellers and, therefore, “vulnerable”, they can hide behind European Human Rights and all sorts of other politically correct nonsense legislation.

That is why the law must be changed and I fully support that.

In truth, the vulnerable ones are actually my constituents whose lives are trashed by this bunch who have no respect for the law-abiding, taxpaying citizens who have to pick up the tab for their irresponsible behaviour and complete lack of concern for others.

Just because you are a traveller does not mean you should not show some concern for other people who live in the area and try to minimise the impact of turning up on their doorstep and leave that area as you found it.

Changing the law will take time and faces opposition, and in the meantime the new Green administration in Brighton & Hove have made it even more difficult for all of us by sending out an irresponsible message that travellers are welcome here.

For the immediate future, however, I have called together a group of councillors, police and others to a round-table meeting to see what can be done to rid our district of this current menace before they trample over even more areas that my constituents pay their taxes to enjoy.

Tim Loughton MP

East Worthing and Shoreham