Contrasting views

IT was heartening to see some balanced reporting on the Worthing High School academy conversion bid in last week’s Herald (June 28).

However, the views from concerned and frustrated parents, and news that teachers at the school are set to strike over this bid, contrasted starkly with the glowing report, spread over three pages, in the school’s sponsored “School spotlight” feature.

In this feature the school boasts “a thriving hub of education with passionate teachers”. I have no doubt that many of the teachers at Worthing High are indeed passionate and highly skilled professionals.

Why, then, have the head and governors ignored their objections and pressed ahead with the conversion application? Are we to believe that disaffected teachers, who now feel they have no other option than to strike, are delivering the best possible education to our children?

And if the school is indeed as wonderful as the head claims in the feature; why is there a need to change its legal status? Wouldn’t the money and energy spent on defending the school’s conversion bid be better spent on further improving standards at the school, directly benefiting the students?

I’m afraid this expensive piece of marketing did nothing to address the fundamental concerns of parents and teachers at the school and told us nothing of the head’s vision, and the benefits that academy conversion will bring for our children, in concrete terms.

Sarah Maynard

Bulkington Avenue