YET again I find myself writing to correct mistakes and misleading information from the small but vocal minority who are against 20’s Plenty.

Steve Wood’s letter (December 23) says that the 20’s Plenty campaign claims there has been 111 fatalities on Worthing’s roads in the last five years.

This is, of course, nonsense, the figure is 111 pedestrians and cyclists killed or seriously injured on Worthing’s roads in the last five years – the highest for any town in West Sussex (and 85 per cent of these collisions happened on 30mph roads).

Steve said “only two pedestrians and one cyclist have perished” in the last 11 years. Wrong again.

In fact seven were killed between 2005 and 2009, and at least two more just last year.

Pedestrians and cyclists make up 70 per cent of all road deaths in Worthing.

On top of that, over 100 more were seriously injured – that can mean spending the rest of their lives in a wheelchair or dependent on others for help.

The 20mph limits have been shown to reduce all road casualties by over 20 per cent, both recently in Portsmouth and for many years on the Continent and are one of the most cost-effective road safety measures available.

If Herald readers support the campaign, please write to your local county councillor as they will be deciding whether to proceed with 20mph limits at the County Local Committee meeting on January 25.

You can find out more and sign a petition at

Duncan Kay

Boundary Road