Costly, but vital?

WE have had torrential downpours lately and the drains have overflowed in some places.

This was at around high tide. We are told that we are going to get a lot more rain in the future so must prepare for that. A huge programme of drain building must be undertaken now.

The problem is not that of sewage from houses, but rainwater.

This comes from roads, lands and houses. Surely, we could put in a completely new system taking all the rainwater to the sewage works where is needs treating as it is unclean but not as much as sewage.

If we take the rainwater out of the existing drainage system the existing sewers should be adequate to deal with domestic and trade waste for the future without endangering peoples lives and properties.

The cost will be enormous but it is essential for all areas. Bearing in mind that it should save huge amounts in insurance payouts, it seems a good investment.

Sadly, it will not help the people who live near rivers that flood but creating flood plains would help.


Meadow Road