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Your letters

I wholeheartedly agree with the thrust of Duncan Barkes’ opinion (Herald, April 17).

My feeling is that this campaign is an expensive substitute for dealing with traffic problems in the town.

It appeals to some councillors because it gives the impression of action when all that will happen is a £350,000 scatter gun approach will be deployed when something much more subtle needs to be used.

If readers take a look around their neighbourhood at various times of the day and around the town in general, I think that they’ll find that conditions are not nearly as bad as the sensationalist arguments put forward by the campaigners.

Certainly there are a few streets in the town that need special (police?) attention to deal with bad behaviour by a variety of road- users at certain times.

There might also be consistent signage and better by-laws, especially in the neighbourhood of schools, surgeries, clinics etc.

Also, children may need more effective lessons in road safety.

The pro-campaign attempts to portray bad conditions in certain areas as being much more widespread, is that your experience?

They also conflate the case by suggesting that there will be less obesity, lower incidence of cancer, and we’ll all walk a lot more and talk to our neighbours.

They also claim that there will be less pollution. At a meeting that I attended, it was stated that a car was at its most efficient at 1,200rpm and that was at around 20mph.

Since hearing this, I’ve been watching my revs (as well, of course, as my speed) and I’ve noted that at 1,200rpm I can drive at 20mph, but if I change gear I can drive at 30mph on the same revs (if conditions allow).

How is your maths? Mine suggest that all things being equal if I drive at 30 (the legal limit) instead of 20, I should be producing about a third less pollution because I can complete my journey quicker.

Of course, the traffic may not allow such a consistent speed, so I’ll be travelling slower as the campaign would like. Care, courtesy and consideration should be the watch words of all road- users, whatever their mode of transport. We should all be trying very hard to encourage best practice on the road.

You will be asked for your opinion. Please give it when you have the chance and let’s get them to spend our money wisely.

Dudley Foster

Orchard Avenue


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