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Your letters

Having recently enjoyed the ‘lights out’ holiday break at the Grove Lodge roundabout I would like to make the following comment.

As we, and people that have lived in Worthing all of their lives know, the passage of traffic east to west or vice versa has never been planned properly and with the opportunity to bypass the town squandered years ago we are faced with the shambles at Grove Lodge roundabout whereby two east/west routes plus the north to south routes in and out of the town merge together. For some unknown reason, the traffic planners decided to put lights on the roundabout as part of an expensive ‘tickling job’ to show that they were trying to improve the traffic flow on the A27. As any regular user of the roads knows and has now been proved by the successful absence of the lights, adding such devices can only aggravate delays at multi-shared junctions.

I think my view is shared by the vast majority of drivers and would beg the ‘powers that be’ to have the courage to accept that the experiment with lights does not work and to remove them.

However, I thought that rather than just complain about their reintroduction I would offer a suggestion which I believe would improve the situation.

As far as I am aware, roundabouts are a British idea that has served us well with the increasing traffic on our roads whereby several junctions can release traffic simultaneously provided the roundabout is large enough to store traffic surges.

This is the principle that has the advantage over the stop/go of traffic lights.

As an exampl,e this can be seen to work very well at the large Holmbush roundabout at Shoreham.

I accept these roundabouts can occupy a large land area but believe that with clever planning, the existing roundabout can be extended to incorporate a small slither of land from Broadwater Green’s north/ west corner to combine the four junctions in a much more efficient manner.

I accept that a bypass or tunnel is the correct decision for the town but even that solution does not absorb the Littlehampton road entry or exit. I don’t believe this is an expensive solution whereby most of the land is occupied already by the inefficient existing road layout.

I rest my case and would love to hear a response from the road authorities.

George Mansell

Findon Valley,


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