Crackers at Christmas?

I recently went into TK Maxx Worthing, where I saw boxes of Christmas crackers for sale.

The box had a sticker which said “do not sell to under-18s”.

I wrote to TK Maxx and this is what they said: “Without seeing the Christmas crackers in person, I can only assume that it is because of the items contained inside of the crackers.

For example, there may be a sewing kit which would have a needle or perhaps alcohol. Alternatively, it could be because of materials inside that cause the ‘bang’ when they are pulled.”

What sort of society are we creating when this sort of nonsense happens?

This follows on from Halfords refusing to sell puncture repair kits to under-18s and Poundland, refusing to sell a spanner to under-18s.

When will all this nonsense end?

Anthony Farrar

Compton Avenue, Worthing