Cravat’s your lot

I usually enjoy and often agree with your articles. However, I take issue with Duncan Barkes’ most recent column.

Having been required to wear a tie almost every day from the age of five to 52, including two years where I had a removable starched collar with studs to struggle with, upon my retirement I gave all my many (upwards of 100) ties to a charity shop.

As the wearing of neckties is really a fashion statement dating to the 30 Years War in 1618 and then appropriated by the French, maybe it is time to come into the 21st century and relax our dress mode a little.

Since retirement I have had occasions where a tie would have been seen to be appropriate but in seven years I have avoided this, with the exception of my mother’s funeral for which the lack of a black tie would have upset her peers but not her and attendance at the Remembrance service where once again the people being remembered were of an age that would not have understood my stance.

I am often required to attend meetings and functions where ties would seem to be required, such as the G8 summit as you mention, but believe my attendance is more important than my mode of attire.

Roger Smith

Northcourt Road