Crossing delays

I AM very much in agreement with Stan Oxley (March 15), who points out that a lot of the delays at West Worthing crossing are due to the traffic lights controlling the junction with Tarring Road.

This gives rise to a situation where, even if the gates are open, traffic still can’t cross because the lights are red. I highlighted this in a letter to the Herald a year or two ago. I also suggested then that if Tarring Road was made one-way, west to east, with through traffic diverted to the right hand lane, there would be no need for traffic lights here.

A lot of thought would be necessary by qualified people to iron out other problems which I am sure would arise from this change, such as accommodating traffic heading West etc. but something needs to be done here.

A quick comment (by this email) to another contributor on March 15, Elizabeth Gates, who appears to think that all emails contain bad spelling and grammar: emails with proper spellin and grammer (like wot I use) also work!

Terry McCann

Pelham Road