Cull the gulls

I am constantly surprised by certain sections of the media trying to impress upon us that our ‘lovable’ seagulls are in decline.

In reality, they are not in decline, nor are they particularly lovable.

Those of us fortunate enough to live by the sea must accept, regrettably, the existence of these awful birds.

The majority of them have left their normal habitat and decided to live in our towns and villages, attacking humans, terrorising pets, polluting homes, scavenging and waking up people with their constant screeching in the early hours.

Sandwiches and ice creams in innocent hands cannot escape these ravenous birds, either. These birds should not be protected. They are nothing less than vermin, a nuisance, a health hazard and a menace to other birds. They should be culled without delay.

Mrs Kay Abbott

West Parade