Currency blunder

I THINK your readers should be aware of a situation which caused me great inconvenience when I recently went on holiday.

I had booked to go away to Spain and went to the Post Office in Chapel Road to get my euros to take with me.

However, I was incorrectly provided with Turkish lira at the exchange counter.

Unfortunately, neither the counter clerk nor myself noticed the difference as both euros and Turkish lira are very similar in appearance.

I, therefore, went away unwittingly with a currency that was of no use to me and which I could not exchange.

I would urge readers to check very carefully when they are issued with euros. I was left in the unfortunate situation of having no euros while on holiday in Spain, which could very easily have spoilt my holiday.

I have since had an apology from the Post Office but I will, in future, check all my foreign exchange currency in order to avoid another holiday mishap.

Donna Brodrick

Haynes Road