Cut the complaints

HOW depressing your letters page is.

Could we not have one week without complaints?

Let me strike a positive note.

Firstly, I think Worthing is a very pleasant town to live in.

We have the downs and the sea, two theatres and an Assembly hall, two orchestras, some attractive flower beds, improvements on the sea front, a splendid new swimming pool being constructed, finally the go-ahead for the development at Teville Gate and a pretty safe environment to enjoy it all in.

Many people complain about parking charges.

Why pay to park?

You can park a little further out if you are willing to walk for a few minutes. (If this is too difficult, you presumably have a disabled parking permit).

Alternatively you can park for two hours in Waitrose’s car park as long as you spend £5 in the store, or you can park for 90 minutes at Lidl’s.

Another complaint concerns the future of Worthing theatres and the cost of the seats.

Try supporting your theatres.

I buy a season’s Playsavers tickets, which gives me considerable reductions.

The seats this season cost £13.75.

I must say the plays are not very well attended.

A season’s tickets to the excellent Worthing Philharmonic concerts cost £36, just £9 a ticket.

I plead again for just one week without a complaining letter. I am sure this is possible!

Carol Cranford

Honeysuckle Lane