Cut theatre prices?

ON Friday evening, my wife and I enjoyed the very funny “Bedfull of Foreigners” at the Connaught Theatre. How sad, though, that the theatre was only about a quarter full, although we were told that in the adjoining cinema there was not a seat to be had.

The price difference between theatre and cinema is perhaps significant.

Our tickets were £23 each which, with an interval ice cream, left little change out of £50.

A cinema visit would be around a quarter of this figure.

In the current viability/subsidy debate, has any thought been given to reducing theatre prices (perhaps as an experiment) to encourage more people to attend?

I realise there may be some contractual or other issues which may rule this out, but it seems an idea worthy of serious thought in the absence of any more obvious solutions to the council’s subsidy concerns, other than closing one of the venues.

Ray Hoare

Jersey Road