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Your letters

I would like to commend Roger Berlin for his letter (March 12) on careless cyclists and it is about time that we as a town/county/nation did something about it.

Just as those idiot drivers who terrorise cyclists are in the minority, so are the idiot cyclists who flout the law.

Cyclists need educating. Unlike our Euro friends, cycling is not in our culture and in the UK there is no cycle coaching at schools.

As a consequence, children, told to ride on the pavement by their parents, grow up with no road awareness. They then become adult drivers with no awareness of cyclists, these drivers’ disdain for bike riders often turns any youngster still pedalling on the roads into a road anarchist.

It will take time, but by educating children how to cycle, ensuring that from a very young age they cycle on the roads, providing safe roads and routes for theses children, it will ensure that will grow up adhering, at least as much as drivers do, to the rules of the road.

If this happens, it would be easy to create a culture where cyclists were all insured, most sports cyclists already are and any serious commuter is, too, as the insurance company will make the claim against a driver causing injury. All cyclists currently contribute as much as any driver to the upkeep of the roads, however, the effect of those potholed roads has a far greater impact on any cyclist or their bike than a car.

In reply to a couple of Roger Berlin’s comments, while he thinks that normal people become careless when they grab a handlebar, that is not as true as he thinks as we all know that people become careless when they grab a steering wheel. The difference being, the driver kills someone else, the cyclist risks being killed him or herself, and for most ,that leads to a more cautious approach.

JP Saville

The Heights


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