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Your letters

Mr Berlin makes some good points about irresponsible behaviour by cyclists (letters page, March 12).

As a regular cyclist and ex-motorist, I too witness dangerous riding by other cyclists, including riding in the dark with no lights and dark clothing.

As a CTC member I enjoy full third party insurance, as do the other 67,000 members nationally, but this in no way allows me carte blanche to ignore road safety.

CTC and Sustrans – two of the biggest cycling organisations in the UK – offer regular training to schoolchildren and adults of all ages to promote safe cycling on paths, where permitted, and roads. This training takes place often in our road.

As for the assertion that traffic offences by motorists such as burning red lights, not wearing seatbelts and using mobile phones while driving result in fines and prosecutions, let’s see the official figures...

These are laws that have little teeth in practice, despite the increase in annual rates for the West Sussex Police in 2015/16.

Probably the safest forms of transport nowadays are buses, trains and taxis, given the excessive numbers of cars on our roads.

John Wickens

Windermere Crescent


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