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Your letters

I have just seen your article about the traffic-calming measures in Durrington Hill. Firstly, the picture is actually depicting Ivydore Avenue, where I live. This is one of many traffic problems that we face daily.

We moved here seven years ago and the road then was a quiet road that was well lit (especially as I suffer with not seeing too well in the dark) which is one of the reasons we moved to our home.

Since then, the new Tesco at Durrington has been built, bringing a lot more traffic down this road, along with it juggernauts and large lorries.

We have also had vehicle carriers, Compass buses that have filled up with petrol at the top of the road in the Esso garage, low loaders etc, and many more vehicles that should not be permitted.

The noise level has trebled since we moved here. If you have a window open while the television is on you can’t hear it. Mornings and evenings are the worst times. We are now a rat run.

At the top of the road is a sign saying nothing over 7.5 tonne is permitted down the road. This is just ignored!

Empty McDonald’s bags and drink cups etc have been cast out of the windows but the vehicles can travel fast enough so as not to be caught doing it.

We have also had to contend with learner drivers parking up outside our home before doing a reverse turn into Wyelands Avenue. I have been told that this road is also on the test route.

We have all sorts of vehicles parking up outside to use their mobile phones or to have a break.

If the new scheme was to go ahead on Durrington Hill, this would just escalate our problems even further.

Because Durrington Hill is not as wide as our road, they do not have to contend with the heavy vehicles on such a scale as we do, but I do agree that vehicles are speeding too fast down both of the roads.

If a calming scheme was to be implemented, it definitely would need to be implemented in our road too, along with a stoppage of the heavy vehicles.

The police could have a field day with fines if they were to sit and stop the culprits. The money collected in fines could then be used to finance a calming scheme.

We weren’t even informed about a meeting at St. Symphorian’s Church last December, otherwise we

would certainly have gone, along with other residents from this road.

We did not even get a leaflet through the door with the information, neither has anyone canvassed at our door.

I note that there is to be a meeting on June 10. Are the public allowed to attend this meeting?

Jan Eames

Ivydore Avenue


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