Damp squibs in council chamber?

Anyone who wonders why we don’t get more things done in Lancing should have been at the last meeting of the parish council.

First, members of the Tory ruling group started talking about stopping the popular annual firework display on Beach Green.

Then, they wasted nearly half an hour going round in endless circles about when future committee meetings are held.

Worse, when I called the parish hall on Monday, I discovered that the clerk was on holiday, the deputy clerk was off duty, the first secretary was on holiday and the second secretary had broken her arm.

Of course, staff are entitled to their holiday and sick leave, but is it too much to ask that the schedule is arranged so that the office is open when it’s supposed to be for the service of Lancing people.

At least we’ve managed to save the firework display. Pity we’re stuck with so many damp squibs in the council chamber.

Councillor Doris Martin (Liberal Democrat)

Monks Close