Debate or decided?

SO, the debate for the 20mph speed limit rambles on, except it isn’t a debate, is it? In the world we now inhabit, it’s a foregone conclusion that this will be introduced very soon.

These days, it seems, it only takes a few bleeding hearts and hand wringers to worry themselves into a tizzy over any politically correct notion, for someone in high office to appease their every wish, for fear of being seen as uncaring, immoral or right wing.

How many times do we see uproar in the press about a TV programme because 100 people have complained about some salacious content, irrespective of the 10 million other viewers that didn’t complain.

The 20’s Plenty national website states that Worthing is committed to this scheme. Is it? I thought it was up for consultation. Sounds a bit arrogant to me.

The statistics on the 20’s Plenty national website show plenty of accidents on Worthing’s roads, they only show one fatally injured pedestrian on a “residential” road (in a “close”, no less ) in 2000, so I would doubt that had much to do with speed.

The majority of the accidents shown are on trunk roads and there is no information or evidence that speed was the overriding factor in any of them.

As has been stated before, pedestrians and cyclists must take responsibility for their own actions, the roads are for vehicles, the pavements are for pedestrians, if a pedestrian ventures into the road, they must be aware of the care they need to take to get from A to B, you can’t always keep blaming the drivers for these accidents. I suspect that if (sorry, WHEN) this scheme is introduced, those pedestrians that already take chances when dashing across the road, will take even more liberties as they assume the traffic is going more slowly.

None of these campaigners ever take into account the major improvements that have been made to modern braking systems or ever acknowledge that pedestrians have any responsibility in this, so I suppose the upholders of the nanny state will win through again at the inconvenience of the rest of us. Ce la vie!

Steve Woods

Strathmore Road