Decision inevitable

OBVIOUSLY, the huge Durrington development is undesirable for many reasons, but sadly it was inevitable.

The council could not afford to turn it down. Had it done so, the very rich and powerful builders would have gone to appeal.

The appeal would be won by the developers. They always win on appeal and the costs are borne by the losing council which means us. We have to realise that what big business wants, it gets – see Tescos success. It is rare to see an application for a new Tesco fail. Money talks so, sadly, we are lumbered with the developement and the council had no choice.

I have no doubt the buildings will be blocks of flats and luxury four or five-bed homes with two or three bathrooms. Possibly there will be a few non-luxury terraces thrown in for the less well-off.

What is needed is a development of small houses with gardens and basic amenities. It is totally unnecessary for all homes to have two bathrooms, washing machine, dishwasher and fridge freezer provided.

Strangely enough, many of us bought homes with no equipment save a bathroom and we bought things as we could afford them.

We need to return to building more local authority homes available for a few years to enable people to save and, hopefully, buy their own homes. The Eardley site could have had quite a few houses on it and the old police station site is bigger and could take more houses. People want houses with gardens, not flats. We also must have more parking spaces provided. There is a planning application for a block of nine flats, but only four parking spaces. However, there will be a shed for 10 bicycles! How many people just have a bicycle for transport?

Apparently, we need more homes, so how about the Town Hall – it is virtually useless and could be turned into the luxury flats the council loves.

Susanna Humphreys

Meadow Road