Decision is needed

I WAS at the Lancing residents’ meeting when the proposals for the Wavy Building on Lancing seafront were discussed – I heard nothing that made sense to me.

Why would the council tax payers want to pay for the wind surfers to store their stuff in the building when most of them do not even live at Lancing? As a pensioner, I cannot afford to eat in the restaurants that are already in Lancing. So, why should I help pay for another?

It could be a training facility. Why? Are the local colleges not meeting this need; there is, after all, a place at Goring that teaches our budding chefs already.

I am in favour of pulling the bloomin’ thing down and making a place for people to sit out of the wind and rest after a walk along the seafront, with food and drink from the kiosk and, on good weather days, a fund-raising stall for local groups.

Sorry, but the person who owns this building is never going to recoup his money. We see that the roof is blowing off now.

I am asking the owners to make a decision on the future of this building before it does someone an injury.

Jean Kitchener

The Crescent