‘Deeply saddened’

I READ the moving tribute to Susan Nicholson from her parents, Elizabeth and Peter, and felt compelled, as a friend of Sue’s for over 30 years, to write a tribute of my own.

I was deeply saddened and shocked by Sue’s sudden death, particularly in circumstances which, at best, are open to interpretation. Sue was such a charismatic, caring and lovable person and I just cannot believe she is no longer with us. Sue “stood out from the crowd”; she was highly intelligent, sharp (both in wisdom and wit) and would light up any room quite simply by her presence.

Sue loved her family and, in particular, her two boys of whom she was so immensely proud.

I feel blessed and privileged to have had Sue as my friend. We shared many fun times together including, as teenagers, our first-ever holiday abroad.

When I think of Sue, I think of fun, laughter and happiness and I will treasure those memories forever.

The world is a little less bright now that the light that was Susan Nicholson has been extinguished. Rest in peace, my beautiful, lovely friend.

Sue McMillan