Delight at chair

FOR those who have kept up with my complaints about the large and small shops who have taken away their courtesy chairs, good news for a change.

First, let me reiterate the complaint I have about the many shops in the town, who refuse to acknowledge there are many people like me who look able-bodied, and those who are obviously elderly or even heavily pregnant, who can’t find a chair to sit on when shopping in their shops.

No-one who does not have disability can know how agonising it is not to be able to walk very far without a chair to sit on.

This is especially true if one is browsing, as in when choosing a book. For years, I have complained to shop managers, only to be told it’s against their policy because of health and safety.

Who’s health, who’s safety?

However, imagine my delight when entering a book shop in Montague Street to find a small leather chair, put there for people such as myself.

I am delighted at this common-sense approach to customers who now have the option of sitting down while choosing a book.

I’d like to express a sincere thank-you to the management and hope other shops will take note.

This courtesy will probably add to your profits, plus spread a bit of good will.

P Law

Downview Road

West Worthing