Delight in long run

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ON April 10, I took part in the Brighton Marathon for the first time, a truly inspirational experience.

What made it even more special for me was that I was the first wheelchair user ever to take part.

This fantastic opportunity came to me thanks to Fethneys, which is run by the charity Leonard Cheshire Disability – my home for the past two years.

Three of the support workers from Fethneys – Gavin Parrish, Lucie Hammond and Ollie Orchard – pushed me along the course on the day. It was an experience which I will never forget.

I really hope to take part in the Brighton Marathon again one day, and I would urge people to sign up and run for Leonard Cheshire Disability next year. The money you raise will help the charity to continue supporting disabled people across the UK. Thanks to them, I now have the skills I need to be able to move into my own flat in the near future – they are helping me to make my dream a reality.

To sign up for Leonard Cheshire Disability call 0870 420 4301 or email

Adam Hayes


Farncombe Road