Demolition sadness

I THINK it’s very sad that the paddling pool and Peter Pan play area are being demolished for the new Aquarena.

I feel very sorry for the young parents who have small children and not a lot of income who are going to miss out.

Are the council going to replace this pool with another free paddling pool?

Worthing is supposed to be a forward-looking town, but it seems to me they are not thinking of the families who can’t afford to keep paying out for new amenities. I have three of my great-grandchildren coming to stay for two weeks and they loved the pool where we could have a picnic.

If they had to dig it up, why couldn’t they have waited until after the school holidays.

I now have to find other places out of town to keep my little ones amused.

I’m not saying don’t have a new swimming pool, but please think of the toddlers who will be the future of worthing.

Thank you for letting me air my feelings.

Mrs S Wilcox

Cuckfield Crescent