Disabled toilet facilities

With regard to Andrew Duggan’s letter about disabled toilet facilities in West Sussex (Herald, December 26), we have been trying, as a group, to secure facilities in Worthing, such as Changing Places, for some time.

There are such facilities in place at Lancing and Worthing, but there are not enough of them where people can use them locally, as and when they are needed.

David Cameron has made a small amount of funds available for the provision of these specialised toilets through local councils, but there are also other options to apply for funding, and this is what we are hoping to achieve in Worthing.

Of course, it’s always better to approach matters such as funding applications as a group rather than an individual, because it carries more weight.

We intend to hold meetings about this with the council and other interested bodies in order to get a scheme off the ground, and anyone who is interested in joining these discussions is very much welcome. I can be contacted on 01903 217934.

Norah Fisher


Worthing Access and Mobility Group