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Following the article in last week’s paper about James Doyle’s proposals for the town centre, can I say how disappointed I am that as the local county councillor for Worthing Pier Division he has allowed party politics to get in the way of the public interest by releasing these exciting plans.

I am sure they would have received a broad consensus from the Worthing County Local Committee (CLC) had he presented them to the CLC in person rather than through the pages of your paper, which was published the day after the meeting.

The nine county councillors have a number of difficult priorities to make on behalf of residents and these residents need their county councillor to make the case for the area they represent at the CLC. meetings.

Worthing only receives three Traffic Regulation Orders a year compared to Crawley’s six, despite Worthing having more county divisions.

Mr Doyles’ residents missed out due to his absence from the CLC meeting when these priorities were discussed.

Bob Smytherman

Chairman, Worthing County Local Committee

The Strand,