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Has anyone tried going swimming at Splashpoint recently? After checking the website for any restrictions operating, and finding none, I headed down with my four-year-old to be greeted with “It’s an hour-and-a-half wait”.

The reception area looked like a refugee camp with despondent people sitting it out, and when I asked for a feedback form I was told that they don’t have them any more, so I am registering my complaint through the media and would appreciate a response from the management accordingly.

I was not the only one to feel that this is not the correct way to run a public facility, judging by brief conversations I had on the way out with a bitterly disappointed child.

The arguments about the pool being too small are already well rehearsed, but isn’t it about time that the demand for the facility is managed more appropriately?

Information about session, peak times and queuing times on the website for example? An online booking facility to release a proportion of tickets in advance? I am still not clear what time to turn up to use the facilities, so think we will go to Littlehampton instead.

Sarah Hufford

Grove Road