Disappointed by new facility

We were pleased to see that the new play area at Splash Point opened last Saturday.

It is a desperately-needed facility for East Worthing that was supposed to make up for the dreadful loss of Peter Pan’s Playground, lost to the new swimming pool.

On Sunday, I popped along to see it – with one of the local traders from the area – after several people had made rather adverse comments about it to us. We immediately understood their concerns.

The grassed areas were already thick with mud and one area that appears to have been left untouched throughout the project was a quagmire, leaving the crawl through tunnel covered in a carpet of mud.

The newly-laid turf on the mound is already slipping down the hill, and any child deciding to take the “adventurous” route down there could be at serious risk of harm – especially as, at the base of the mound and at the ends of the tunnel, there are large, very hard rocks, similar to those used on the beach.

The wooden steps were slippery – we saw one child slip in the few minutes we were there – and the sand was already spreading everywhere!

The play area is very small and cramped, there is no seating for the adults and we felt that the area and its inhabitants deserve an awful lot more.

There has been much publicity and self-congratulation on the redevelopment of the Splash Point area in East Worthing, but I feel that the funds have been largely unwisely spent.

Yes, Splash Point is vastly improved now from the way it was, but the unusual stone seating offers no views of the sea as the wall is too high. The trees are OK and will probably get better with age, but the area still feels rather bland.

The East Worthing residents have no free parking, unlike the play area at the west end (which is also much


Is there nothing that Worthing Borough Council will do to offer more equality to its voters?

Trudi Starling

Alexandra Court,