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WITH regard to the Lancing Traders frustration with the chronic decline of Lancing and the need for Christmas lights in the village, Lancing and Sompting Lions Club wish it to be known that they paid a total of £5,500 as sponsorship for Christmas lights in the years 2004 and 2005.

We agreed to pay this large sum after attending a meeting with the Lancing Town Centre Partnership, and we believed they would be used for the benefit of Lancing residents for some years. So we share everybody’s disappointment that they are no longer being displayed.

Having queried this with the council, we were told that the concrete posts are judged not safe for the erection of the frames. Also that the parish council are arranging an alternative option of lights around the lamp posts instead this year, with a view that when new lamp posts are installed next year light frames can once again be installed.

Christine Weller

President, Lancing and

Sompting Lions Club