Disband council

As a resident of Lancing, I attended the “vision of Lancing” public meeting on February 16.

I’m guessing only 50 other residents were there.

During the course of the meeting, two husbands and wives voiced opinions of “why have the parish council?” and the Adur councillor offered to give information if all residents wanted it disbanded.

Can I query – why have Adur District Council?

As their next step, Adur district is represented by the East Worthing and Shoreham MP, so obviously Worthing Borough Council would be keen to take over duties Adur District Council already does.

But can I suggest residents, before voting to disband any council, check costs – whether parish work costs more if done by Adur and if Adur district work done by Worthing costs more.

Lancing and Sompting are villages and a majority of residents prefer that, especially older people who enjoy the slower pace, clubs and hobbies.

Personally, I feel Worthing and Adur councils should sort out the problems of empty shops, scarce bus service, rumours and council tax.

Running shops without buyers, and efforts to keep buses without passengers are not possible.

Jean Turner

Greet Road