Discussion on the town ‘beneficial’

I DON’T wish to make a long, drawn-out discussion on this but I have to respond to Mr P.J. Hilland’s letter in your paper last week (July 12).

I have no difficulty accepting his derogatory statements about my Worthing Borough Council election results and performance. I actually did better than I expected in Offington ward as I only stood at all because of the last-minute by-election after the sudden death of Cllr Reg Green.

As it happens, between us, Linda Williams (who has been involved in local politics far longer than I have) and I did rather well in a very typical, wealthy Tory ward and I was heartened to find that so many people voted for me at all!

At least I am prepared to stand up and be counted and the supportive comments I received from a surprising number of people gives me hope that people of Worthing are beginning to stand up and ask questions.

At least I did GO out and canvass and, while doing so, I encountered many local people who were unaware that the new pool is smaller than the old one, has less car parking and fewer disabled facilities.

Mr Yallop has, I agree, been instrumental in the overseeing of the development of Splash Point but I’m not convinced that if I was him, this would be sufficient to have made me proud! The local businesses there have been promised much by Mr Yallop and feel that he has totally let them down (go and ask them).

The children’s play facilty opposite Marine Gardens is only there because Goring residents didn’t want it in Goring Gap (although, personally, I think it is a far better facility where it is) but that doesn’t take away the fact that it is still in the more affluent end of town and the less well-off area in the East End has little there to offer.

My point that Mr Yallop knew what he was taking on when he did it remains.

Many people give more hours voluntarily for little or no recognition and I totally admire all the brilliant volunteers that our town has.

As one health service worker pointed out to me recently, many health service employees would love to do as few hours in such relative comfort for similar financial rewards as Mr Yallop!

The sheer number of congratulatory comments I have received since the publication of my letter has made me realise that people are at least reading the Herald letters’ page; anything that opens up discussion to benefit this once lovely town can only be beneficial to its future.

Trudi Starling

Alexandra Court