Disgraceful state

Your letters
Your letters

As everyone, including our council can see, the state of our roads and pavements are a disgrace.

Letting them deteriorate in this way is both inconsiderate and uncaring. Having been to many other towns and cities in the UK, I am fairly certain that our roads and pavements are probably some of the worst in the country.

Considering that Worthing is a place where many people come to retire, it is even more important that improvements are made. Our council always claims that lack of money and resources are the reasons why nothing is being done. Why don’t they ask central Government for assistance, which should be given provided the request is made in the right way, for instance through our excellent MPs.

As other methods of ‘getting the council to act properly’ don’t seem to have worked, I hope a public letter will have more effect.

So, Worthing councillors, the ball is firmly in your court.

If you want us all to be proud of our town, which has so many good qualities, please make the maintenance of our roads and pavements a high priority.

John Houghton

Shelley Road


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