Dog-controls reply

LLOYD Cole asks in his letter (June 23) if councillors were “suckered” into approving further dog control orders. I can assure him this is far from the case.

I’m sure that anyone who walks the streets and parks of Worthing, with or without a dog, will readily agree that dog fouling is a huge problem.

Of course, not everyone complains about the unacceptable situation of dog fouling in the streets and parks, but, nevertheless, it remains a fact and something positive should be done about it.

At the moment, unless an irresponsible dog owner is caught in the act of not clearing up after their dog, there is very little that can be done, apart from politely being offered a bag to do the job.

We have an excellent dog warden in Worthing who, under the present régime, is working with one hand tied behind his back. He constantly endeavours to keep his eye on the ball, insofar as dog fouling and dog behaviour are concerned, and anything concerning these matters, particularly if it is by a repeated offender, should be reported to him on 01903 221328. I would add that responsible dog owners should have no worries whatsoever with the advent of the new dog control orders; they are there to protect them from the irresponsible ones.

Councillor Norah Fisher

Tarring ward