Dog mess woe

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I am a regular dog walker around Cissbury Ring and the surrounding countryside.

I am feeling more and more dismayed at the amount of dog poo I come accross.

The dog warden had posted signs asking people to pick up and also signs saying one person can only walk up to six dogs.

These signs are now gone and I would like to know what is being done about this?

As a responsible dog owner who always picks up their dog’s poo, I am disgusted at the way other people don’t.

The dog warden is obviously unable to police the amount of poo everywhere and I wonder if they ever fine anybody or ‘catch’ them in the act?

The other day I also saw a dog walker with a bright t-shirt on with ‘official dog walker’ written on it, and she had seven dogs with her.

Are dog walkers told they are meant to only walk six dogs? The sign about it has been removed and the sign did say fines will be imposed. So have they been imposed?

Mrs D. Edlin