Dog owners: Know your responsibilities

On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 27, I was out walking my daughter’s dog Milo, a yellow Labrador at about 2.45pm.

Part of his walk takes me along the A27, Sompting Bypass.

I take this route every day, either with milo, or with his playmate, a chocolate Labrador called Murphy.

I was waiting behind the crash barriers in the middle of the road for a gap in the traffic, when a young golden retriever came racing out of the field that borders the A27 to one side, and the back of Sompting Abbotts School on the other side.

I waved my arms to stop the traffic, and fortunately all the drivers had their eyes on the road and managed to stop in time. The golden retriever then ran backwards and forwards a couple of times in the road, attempting to get Milo to play with him.

While this was going on, I caught sight of his owner, a smartly-dressed blonde lady on the far side of the field, totally oblivious to what her dog was up to.

I’m shouting to her “your dog is in the road”, but I failed to get her attention. After a few moments, she obviously realised her dog was out of sight, and she called him.

It might have been Marley, or Harley, but at this point, he runs back into the field.

My thanks go to the drivers for stopping, one or two expressed their views, particularly the middle-aged guy in the BMW who said, amongst other things, that there could have been a serious accident.

I totally agree with him, unfortunately he was venting his anger at the wrong person.

As a responsible dog owner, my dog was on a lead and under control.

That field is regularly used by locals, so anyone reading this who might know who this owner is, please make her aware how lucky she is to have a dog, and how lucky a serious pile-up was avoided. I was heading towards Sainsbury’s at Lyons Farm, and she was heading in the opposite direction.

P. Baker

Peveril Close, Sompting