Dog poo drama

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Your letters

Seen again last week, a dog walking service arrive on the downs at Honeysuckle Lane.

Let out of the van were 11 dogs with two dog carers. These dogs run riot with excitement for the first few minutes and obviously poo within the first few minutes.

How can two people watch and pick up that amount of poo and know where the dogs have been?

I know the maximum amount for single dog walker is six, but this is far too much. I used to have two dogs and if they both decided to go their own way as soon as I let them off the lead it was a job to find their poo.

Where is the dog warden when all these vans arrive on the downs? I can name at least seven dog walking services who use either West Hill or Honeysuckle Lane to so-called walk these dogs.

It is not a cheap service these dog walkers provide, and are the owners aware or even bothered that some of these dog walkers just let them out and then gather them up and return them to their owners. I always pick up after my dog, but on doing so I notice several other poos left by others who do not keep a close eye on their charges.

I suggest Worthing Borough Council thinks again about the amount of dogs these walkers can walk at any one time!

Jacky Pearson

High Salvington

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