Dogs mess disgust

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AS a mother and, therefore, regular scooter/bicycle companion to my four-year-old son, I am continually disgusted by the recurring and never-ending amount of dog litter on our streets.

The particular areas of Bulkington Avenue and its surrounding streets seem to have more than their fair share and not an outing goes by without the job of cleaning up aforementioned scooter/bike at the end of it.

Surely I am not alone and surely something needs to be done about this unhealthy attitude of some dog owners?

I have tried the route of emailing Worthing Borough Council, only to receive an automated response telling me the dog warden would be in touch personally (this was back in November and, as yet, he hasn’t) and someone else has tried to make those responsible change their ways by circling said deposits with chalk and leaving “encouraging” messages to try to get them to clear it up.

Even my four-year-old has said “It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the owners” and he has suggested giving stickers to those complying with common decency, whereas I personally would prefer to target the guilty and get them to clean every pair of shoes affected by their thoughtless actions.

Cat Croft

St Anselm’s Road