Dome’s domesday?

FOLLOWING on from James Pearson’s letter (No place like Dome, October 20), I also have questions about the cinema.

Questions which, sadly, I have not been able to answer despite contacting PDJ Cinemas Ltd (the Dome’s owner), the Dome itself and a member of the regeneration trust.

With the news that Vue may be coming to Teville Gate, it’s important for the Dome to take every step necessary to secure its long term future – now.

However, certain basic measures are not in place. Booking tickets, for example, can be done from two different websites, each of which with slightly different information and a vastly different layout (neither of which is in line with any kind if venue branding). There are a further three or four sites devoted to the cinema – which means that its highly confusing for the customer to get accurate, up to date and useful information.

There appears to be little integration with the local cultural community – when Worthing has such an active film community – including the popular On Location film festival – one would expect the Dome to be at the heart of it. Not so.

I appreciate that, as a marketing/branding professional, I am looking at the issue from a very particular point of view. However as a local resident and avid cinema goer, I feel very strongly about such an asset in the town not being marketed and perhaps utilised to its full potential.

In common with Mr Pearson, I would love to know what is being planned for the Dome’s centenary. Perhaps this is an opportunity for the Dome to really show what it can offer and how it will cement its future now. If it is unable to do this, times will be unbearably tough if the Vue does come to town.

I would also welcome the opportunity to meet with the management and discuss ideas with them, as I have already offered by email.

Neil Hopkins

Ardale Close