Don’t blame dog mess

I write to voice my strong objection to the proposals to ban dogs from areas of the towns’ parks and green areas.

As a dog-walker, I am very aware of the impact that my dog has on the environment and non dog-owning people – to these ends I pick up after my dog and do not allow him to interfere with non-doggy people.

I have the pleasure to walk each day in one of the towns’ green areas with a group of like-minded dog walking people.

We are equally upset by thoughtless dog owners who are, in my experience, in the minority. However, if we witness any anti-social behaviour we will approach the individuals and if this is not advisable we will, and have, reported the individuals to the dog warden.

There is legislation in place to take action against selfish dog owners. However, it is in my experience rarely enforced – why?

Banning dogs will not solve the problem – the owners who take no notice of the current by-laws will take no notice of a dog ban – if the council is unable to enforce the existing laws, how will it enforce more?

Better use of existing controls would go a long way to solving the issues used to justify new laws, and possibly, if there was a perception that offenders would be fined or taken to court – not only would the issues reduce, but responsible dog owners would be only to pleased to see the minority who give them a bad name actually being dealt with

Jayne Ross

Dominion Road