Don’t deprive them

IAN Hart, through his column, has been calling for our new swimming pool to be named after Worthing Olympian Angela Barnwell.

Whilst Ian is entitled to hold that view, and I for one am indebted to him for bringing that piece of Worthing’s sporting history to my attention, the new pool has already been named.

The council ran a public competition, and “Splash Point Leisure Centre” emerged as the most popular choice. Councillors were not involved in the selection of the new name, other than to agree that it would be chosen by the public, democratically.

Since Ian raised this again in your September 6 issue, only one resident has been in touch with me to support him.

Two Worthing youngsters, aged six and eight, have been credited with jointly choosing the new name and have won membership of the new pool for a year.

I would not want to deprive them of their piece of Worthing history.

Councillor Bryan Turner

Gaisford ward

Adversane Road