‘Don’t leave us’

Your letters
Your letters

I live in England, never been to Scotland.

During my early years something that comes to mind was watching the fighter aircraft during World War 11 being attacked and attacking the mass of German aircraft which dumped tons of bombs on London, mostly it would seem to me, on the head.

Later, to be present and see my parents house destroyed by a doodlebug. I stood in the front garden and watched the bug get bigger and bigger as it dropped towards my outstretched arms.

My parents were both involved in war work. My mother helped to make shells at Woolwich Arsenal and my father was a newly- commissioned officer in the REME.

My dad helped in the building of the mobile harbour which was floated across the Channel a few days after D Day. He then went on to running a mobile army recovery unit taking damaged tanks from Scottish and Canadian tank regiments, putting the bits and pieces into useable armour.

I can only claim being about seven, a certain feeling that if the enemy were trying to bomb London, at least they could not be doing too much damage to other parts of the UK, even Scotland. I am glad you voted to stay with us.

B Lacey

Malvern Close,


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