Don’t ruin the coast with turbines

Once again, the God-like figure of E.On is on our backs, “here to save the world”.

They are willing to invest £2billion on a project that spells disaster from the beginning.

The new plan is to have fewer turbines, down from 195, to a mere 175. The new turbines will be taller at 124 metres.

We are told that at eight miles out to sea, we will be unable to see them from our lovely shore. In May, last year people from Worthing were ringing 999 to report what they thought was a ship in distress, this turned out to be the mast erected to survey the site. So much for people not being able to see them.

The turbines suggested have a life span of approximately 20 years. When they need replacing, how much will that cost? That doesn’t matter because we will be paying the bill.

Another point is a danger to ships on this very busy shipping lane. No doubt E.On will be well insured to cover themselves. Why not, after all, we will be paying for that bill also.

E.On is trying to give the impression it is a marvellous idea. Believe me, the only people who will gain is E.On and our beautiful coast will be ruined forever.

The name Rampion is a wild flower growing in Sussex, commonly known as the Pride of Sussex. A better name for this wind farm would be The White Elephant.

Sheila Wynn

Brighton Road