Don’t want a meter

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I RECEIVED a letter from Southern Water telling me “your new water meter is coming”.

I didn’t ask for a meter and don’t want one, despite several friends who volunteered for a meter telling me their water bills are now lower. They either don’t realise or choose to ignore that once the majority of customers are on meters the water bills will rocket.

Several factors all will cause this:

1) the cost of purchasing all those meters. (Say £100 per meter)

2) The cost of installing the meters. (Say £50 each)

3) The cost of reading the meters. (Say £10)

4) The cost of calculating each (different) bill. (Call it £5)

Total £150 per household initially plus £15 a quarter ongoing.

I haven’t included the cost of maintaining the meters, but they won’t last forever. (I’ve had both gas and electric meters recently, and water meters will suffer from scaling).

Besides these extra costs there is a hidden cost, in that no matter how little water we use, the water companies still have to find money to pay for offices, vehicles, wages, pensions, etc, and if their revenue doesn’t appear about to cover these costs they, of course,will put up the price of water to make up the deficit. Is it too late to stop this catastrophe? I really don’t want to be saying “I told you so” in five years time.

Tony Hill

Brighton Road