Don’t we count?

20’s Plenty campaign leader Duncan Kay’s arrogance seems to have no limits.

Despite an 83 per cent rejection (Herald, October 10), he declares iit really doesn’t bother me, we are going to have a proper vote on it anyway’. Mr Kay, do the readers of the Herald (Worthing residents) not count? He then goes on to say that there was no safeguarding process for multiple voting and like so many of the 20’s Plenty campaign claims this make no sense, Don’t you see, Mr Kay, that you had just as many opportunities to vote ‘yes’, and yet your enthusiastic bunch of followers chose not to – or, even worse (for you) – chose to vote multiple times and still lost the vote by an overwhelming majority. To Mr Kay and all of his supporters, I would say please accept that the people of Worthing have spoken through the Herald and they have rejected wasting money on a completely unproven scheme.

Now, let’s move on to looking at any accident blackspots and see if they can be improved’.

D Price

Poulters Lane