Double standards

How I sympathise with the poor purple (with rage?) shopkeeper, who has been ordered to paint his frontage!

Chichester District Council’s double standards on the look of our shopping streets are shamefully punitive to small businesses.

If the store is a major high street chain, no matter how gaudy and ugly, it’s permissible.

If, for example, it’s the Oxmarket Centre of Arts, tucked away behind East Street and Little London car park, the bread-and-butter mainstay of the locality’s many artists, (currently the only gallery exhibiting ‘real’ art in Chichester), run on a shoestring and desperately in need of alerting passersby to its existence, the answer is NO, only virtually invisible signage is allowed.

After months of negotiation, a tasteful pub-type sign was permitted to hang high up on the wall by the alleyway leading to the Oxmarket, but has anyone seen it?

A Chadwick

Lye Lane

West Stoke