Dreadful sight

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Your letters

We’ve just visited the hospital for the first time since the old shop and café were closed and the foyer area changed.

What a dreadful sight (or site even) it is now.

The large walls built out into the foyer to accommodate the new shop look like a hoarding for a building site.

Drinks are dispensed from machines into disposable cups and there was a big tray on the floor behind the shop walls, crammed full of these used cups. Beside the tray was a waste bin, full to overflowing and with rubbish lying on the floor around it.

What sort of advert is this for the entrance to our main hospital? Now the old refreshment area and shop have been removed, it’s a long walk from one end of the hospital to the other to get a drink.

Why couldn’t the hospital have put the League of Friends café and shop in the old WRVS tea bar, which is now closed and just appears to be a seating area with a drinks machine?

At least then there would be refreshments available at each end of the hospital, as there used to be when the WRVS tea bar was still open.

Rosemary Dinning

Russell Close,


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