Dreadful state

I WROTE at the time of the Queen’s jubilee about the dreadful state of the grass verges along the A27 and A24 in Worthing.

Well, it hasn’t got any better, and won’t get any better any time soon. You see, I rang the number I was given for the Highways Agency – 0203 4332000 – only it wasn’t the Highways Agency, it was the contractors appointed by them to cut the verges on our trunk roads. Emma there, explained that, due to their reduced budget, there would be no more cuts planned, at least in this financial year.

The only work they will be doing is, once every six weeks, they will “concentrate on sight lines and visibility splays, and if there was any money left, they would fill in some potholes”.

Well, there you have it. We are doomed to have a scruffy-looking town for all visitors and travellers to see as their first impression of Worthing.

Unless, of course, our council decides to do something about it? Don’t hold your breath.

Vic Moss

Offington Lane